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Departments, Basic Roles, and How to Contact

Executive Officers - This department handles game policy, game sites, donation requests, insurance, complaints, and other backend/multi-department issues.

Members - Glen Barrett, Jody Morgan, Adam Morse

Contact - PM to "Executive Officers" group on the Forums


Storytellers - This department builds the world we play in. They create NPCs, respond to downtime actions, and create an immersive environment for our story to take place in.

Members -Rallie Murray, Tommy Royal, Adana Logan

Contact - PM "Storytellers" group n the Forums

Historian - This is a sub-department of Storytellers that ensures that we are as histroically accurate as comfortably possible. They understand that this is more of a game than a reenactment and will help you find a level of accuracy to be comfortable and immersive for both you and the player base.

Members - Alison Smaalders

Contact - PM "Historian" on the Forums


Rules Team - This department creates, enforces, and updates our rules set to ensure that factions are balanced while maintaining the flavor of World of Darkness.

Members - Brittanie, Victoria Gardiner, Chris Blood

Contact - PM "Rules Team" group on the Forums


Character Guides - This department assists players with creating rich back stories for their characters that will work well within the world we have created. They also act as Player Liasons in case a player has an issue thy are uncomfortable bringing directly to the Executive Officers

Members - Justin Smith, Lauren Morgan, Isaac Harrus

Contact - email


Check-in - This department ensures that players enter game ready to play. Aside from checking in players on site, they also assist with building character sheets, keeping track of Donations, maintaining game safety, and keeping track of player experience points.

Members - Joey Lemons, Patricia Sager, Patrick O'Hara

Safety Officer - Jessica Watkins

Contact - PM "Check-In" group on the Forums


If you would like to apply to join any of our departments, please see this post for how to go about that.