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Imagine walking down a darkened street, the dim light given off by the moon is blocked by the roofs of homes and scattered by the wetness hanging in the air. That same fog coils around the iron fences that line the streets. Interspersed along the lane are metal posts with gas lamps atop them. You barely notice them through the dense mist, though each patch of light in the clouded darkness gives a glimpse of its own pocket of Warrington. This world of beauty has become so commonplace that it has lost its wonder.

Your footsteps echo on the walk, and you get that sharp feeling on the back of your neck - someone is watching you. Is that echo really the sound of your own feet on the ground or is it someone else matching their steps to yours? You look over your shoulder and see only the emptiness. When you turn back to your path someone stands in the way. You can't make out their features but they seem so enticing.

Then you start awake, lying in your bed; pale and chill in the face of the warm sun that heralds the oncoming day. The fear fades and you slowly stand, feeling weak from your nightmare.


In Gaslight, you are a character in Victorian England living among Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and Wizards. You might be one of these, or you might be an ordinary human. Either way, the place to start is with the Character Guides.

If you would rather NPC for an entire event to get a feel for the world without committing to a character yet, contact our Storytellers

Wondering what to bring? Check out our Packing Guide

Wondering what to wear and how to act? Get help from our Historian

Have questions before you dive into ay of this? Players and Staff are available in our Chatroom, Facebook Group, or on the Forums


If Gaslight doesn't sound like your cup of tea, please take a look at other Bay Area LARPs. Many of us play in several and would be happy to see you at any of them.